Distance Healing Testimonials by Reiki Master Teacher Students

“My testimony would have to be from when I sent Reiki distantly for the Level II class, since it was my first time doing it remotely and actually being able to communicate with the people in the room and having Anita there to be able to confirm what I was feeling. For the class, I used proxies for each student. When each student was receiving Reiki on the massage table in the live class, I was able to easily connect with their energy. What was significant to me was being able to pinpoint specific locations that brought out emotions in each student. For example, in the first student, being able to notice the difference in energy from his right and left sides- specifically in the hips and lung points or shoulder area. For the second student, I was drawn to her naso-pharyngeal area first, then guided to the lungs. At first I believed it to be associated with a recent illness, but later after being guided to her lungs, noticed that there was so much more to what I was drawn to. Throughout both students’ healing, I would mention what I was feeling and Anita would also check those areas and felt the same things I was feeling. This also helped the students to release emotions that they were feeling and assisted in their healing process. While I knew that distant Reiki worked, and had even heard that sometimes it works better than in-person Reiki, I was still amazed at as a healing facilitator, what I could feel being so far away and how on point I was. For me, this was a huge confirmation that distance Reiki works! It helped to boost my confidence being able to have the feedback (because when you are working distantly you aren’t sure what’s going on the other end, unless someone is talking to you about it) and really understand the importance of trusting and surrendering to Reiki. This was a truly profound session for me.” N.S. Certified Reiki Master Teacher

“It was a truly beautiful experience to do my Reiki Two certification and Master Reiki teaching certification with Anita. Anita Boehm is just a very special soul, incredibly gifted and intuitive, and has a deep passion and understanding of Reiki. As part of our training we did distant healing in class and and we taught part of some Reiki level one and two virtual classes.  We all connected well and were able to identify our healing strengths among each other and put that to use with our clients as well. I feel that Reiki has allowed me to grow spirituality and intuitively. Thank you, Anita” A.P. Reiki Master Teacher 

“I was feeling like I was coming down with a cold and my throat was pretty sore. It was keeping me up all night! So I decided to do some self reiki on my throat space only and it immediately lowered the pain and relaxed me to where I fell asleep with my hands on my throat. I’m not sure why but when it comes to self reiki I am pretty surprised it works even though I believe this for everyone else! Lol 

I also did a few distance sessions last week. My stepmom had a hysterectomy so I did some healing to her a few times! I also had a returning distance client. Her feedback was probably the best I’ve had yet. I feel like reiki helps with intuition for not only us but for our clients as well. Part of her message was about purification  in relation to her throat chakra. She shared with me a few days later how after her session she took a shower and was imagining while moving her hands in a downward motion from her throat and moving it out her body releasing it to the ground. She said she has never done something like that before and it purifying! Mind you this is all done before she knew that purification was the intuitive card I pulled for her after her Reiki session! She wasn’t sent that information till a few hours after.”  P.T. Certified Reiki Master Teacher

“Distant healing is an amazing modality. Energy is things that change and move but not with the human eye.

 I have a good friend that was in the hospital off and on for about a month and the peculiar part was that none of the medical professionals could figure out what was wrong with her. So, as time went on and when she was cognitive  enough to have a conversation with me, we chatted about her health and what will be the next course of action, but obviously Mary did not know and therefore I could not get a straight answer. So, I asked could I send some distant healing (Reiki) her way? And without hesitation she replied yes. 

Besides, I’m grateful that Mary trusts and believes in me to send distant healing all the way to Austin, Texas. So, I started to prepare for her session, clearing the energy, going into prayer, and calling in the archangels/God, while air drawing the reiki symbols and the distant healing symbol in reiki. 

With that being said, eyes closed seated in a still position my hands were illuminated and in my mind I started to see a pink ribbon hue in Mary’s lower abdomen area. Not sure of what the color represents but that was an indication that she was weakened in that part of her body. At that point I started to project the pink ribbon to exit out of her body and into the earth until it was completely removed. I did a distant reiki session on Mary for two days straight, not knowing why the number two came up but it did so I went with it. As the weeks went on I phoned Mary to see how she was feeling and if the doctors had discharged her to return home. And she was, Yay! At home at last! Looking a little depleted and colorless but on the mend. Better than the first time we had spoken. A couple of weeks passed by and I face timed her, and to my surprise she was full of life, her color had returned in her face, having a cognitive conversation, and she was eating and consuming fluids, which put a smile on my face. But note, My Bestie Is A Fighter and with me on her side we kicked some illness butt. 

So, as you can see, distant reiki is a very powerful modality that works and I will use it in my practice in the near future. Lastly, Mary was diagnosed with pancreatic cyst, which I’m on the fence about but at least we have a platform to work with now. N.S. Reiki Master Teacher Student