Herbal Infused Arnica Shea Butter

The arnica infusions are wild crafted using fresh organic Arnica Cordifolia and all natural ingredients.


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Herbal infused shea butter  may be used, topically, to provide relief for the following:
• Pain relief and inflammation from insect bites or stings.
• Bruises and black eyes (just be careful to not get into the eyes),
• Muscle aches or injured muscles,
• Sprains, strains, and swelling,
• Traumatic injury, all kinds,
• Pre-and post-surgical healing,
• Rheumatic pain,
• Inflammation,
• Rashes including eczema (shea butter form best), and
• Burns.

Makes an excellent massage oil for sport injuries & sore muscles, as it helps to reduce bruising & relaxes tense muscles.

Do not apply to open wounds. Prolonged use may lead to dermatitis or eczema, so for skin conditions, use sparingly.