Huna Kane Training

Huna Kane Practitioner Certification Training – Add a Powerful Modality to Your Healing Arts!

huna_kaneHuna Kane (pronounced ‘hoonah kahnay’) is a form of healing grounded in ancient Hawaiian Huna wisdom.  Huna means secret and kane means man or spirit man.  Huna Kane means “the inner knowing of your Higher Self” — your inner Spirit.

Connecting with your Higher Self allows for the re-awakening of your spiritual abilities and gifts.  Huna Kane strengthens, balances and unites the intuitive and logical minds.  Clients often have revelations, and they leave the sessions feeling harmony, balance, and peace.  The practitioner meditates on a set of symbols from the Kofutu Touch Healing system ( This allows for the client to access a state of mind that encourages spiritual development and the opportunity to align with their highest potentials.  It is common for clients to become aware of visions, ideas, and insights about their life situations and how they can take action to make desired changes.

The energy balancing is enhanced by the Dance of Creation – an energy technique applied to the body with a spiral motion of the forearm.  This clears fear patterns, tension, and stress from the body and mind.  Old emotions and beliefs that were stored throughout the body transform into positive thoughts that are based on universal truths.  The process opens the flow of Universal Life Force Energy; allowing connection with one’s true essence.  People feel relaxed, as the energy flow in and around the body is re-established.

Huna Kane was originally practiced on Hawaiian royalty, so that kings and queens could be fully clear prior to their coronation. That clarity enabled them to rule wisely and well because they were free of emotional baggage. There is also evidence to indicate that Huna Kane may be traced back to ancient Egypt.

In Huna Kane sessions, clients are guided through meditative journeys in order to access the unconscious mind and the Higher Self.  Wisdom can be accessed from past experiences to create clarity in making new choices and resolving old emotional issues based on a new perspective.

How is Huna Kane different from other processes?

Huna Kane is a preventative, restorative, profoundly powerful, clothes-on, body alignment process that assists in physical and emotional healing.  Because of the Body Mapping process, it is like getting bodywork and a counseling session at the same time.

This ancient healing process allows an individual to clear emotional baggage while receiving the benefits of massage.

Because all life is energy, any disruptions to energy flow can result in pain or discomfort, be it physical or emotional. Negative thoughts and emotional trauma, when repressed, cause body pain, burnout, and disease. This can then be addressed and healed to increase flexibility, enjoyment and energy. Huna Kane allows for the release of physical and emotional pain, while receiving personal wisdom from the experience.

A Huna Kane practitioner is highly skilled in the art of the profession. Huna Kane itself is more a way of living and being than a technique. Practitioners, typically, study not only the techniques of the Huna Kane, but other practices as well in order to develop the intuition necessary to give the client that which is needed. The intention is to be ‘present with love’ for the client. Practitioners adhere to the Principles of Hawaiian Huna Kane, which can be simply stated as, “Think and act with love always.”

Huna Kane clears the auras and charkas and creates a light trance state that helps to process at a deep level.  It is a passive way to release the body of old baggage.   Pain reduction is substantiated in the body as the person breathes deeply.   New ideas of more appropriate ways for the body to feel are offered to the client.

A Body Mapping process shows where specific emotions are held.  Love for self and others is reinforced, thereby releasing the fears that constrict life, detoxifying the body, activating the body’s immune system and increasing the life force (mana) available.

Huna Kane Level I Certification Training:  Date: Dates to be Announced from 9 am – 5 pm.  You will be introduced to the Huna Kane spiraling massage-like technique and learn several Kofutu Healing Symbols.  You will also gain knowledge about how to apply this healing modality as a practitioner & prepare yourself for a healing session.  You will experience Huna Kane healing energy through class practice & gain confidence to use Huna Kane for yourself, others, situations, animals, etc.  Cost:  $175 if pre-paid by early registration; $200 thereafter — includes manual & certificate of completion.

Huna Kane Level II-IV Certification Trainings: Dates to be Announced.

To Register: Please Call 303-241-3343 or email

Class sizes are limited.  A $50 non-refundable deposit per class or full registration fee is required to save your space in class. However, if an unavoidable situation occurs, preventing your attendance on the date in which you are registered, your deposit or full registration fee may be applied to the next scheduled Reiki class.  Location of all classes: North Golden, CO. 

Teacher:  Anita Boehm M.S. is an Integrative Energy Body Therapist – certified Master Teacher Level Reiki practitioner, Level IV Huna Kane,  & Level II BO-SSAGE who is well-versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities that she employs in her practice.  She is also a Breathing Practitioner who assesses & trains people to breathe more mindfully to overcome physiological responses that overbreathing can create (i.e., emotional, perceptual, cognitive, attention, behavioral, & physical deficits that may seriously impact health & performance).  She is also a certified Level III Qigong instructor & Workshop Facilitator trained to teach Qigong exercise forms, facilitate & teach healing breathwork techniques, & a food-based healing system.  She is also a PSIA Level 3 Telemark & Level 2 Alpine ski instructor.  Anita’s education background includes a M.S. in Environmental Health (Colorado State University (CSU)), B.S. in Geology (University of Michigan), & secondary science teacher certification (CSU).