(Agonis fragrans or Taxandria fragans)

Fragonia™ is a relatively new essential oil from Australia with amazing healing properties.

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Fragonia is ingestible in small amounts and may be applied to the skin over lymphatic nodes to strengthen immune system. Additional therapeutic properties include:

  • Respiratory system benefits: decongesting – breaks up mucus, fights respiratory infections from the nose to the lungs, sinus conditions, soothes throat and cough reactions, strengthens and balances immune system, and wards off colds, flu, etc.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal – may be ingested in small amounts to help with Candida, thrush, bacterial tonsillitis, etc. Also, helps with skin imbalances.
  • Female cycle balancing: hormonal balancing, menstrual cycle (on abdomen for cramping) and emotional balancing, reduction of hot flashes, and headaches/migraines associated with hormonal changes.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic – can be used, topically, for relieving muscle and joint pain, muscle tension, etc.
  • Jet lag/body clock – helps to minimize symptoms of jet lag and helps to lessen need for caffeine or alcohol to stimulate or relax.
  • Calming – helping people to let go of negative patterns of behavior; shift depressive states of being; alleviate grief, sadness, inner conflict, restlessness, anger, and frustrations.