(Achillea millefolium)


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Yarrow is a very powerful and medicinal essential oil.  It is a “must have” for your essential oil collection.  The English name yarrow is derived from the Old English word gearwe which means “the healer”.  Yarrow comes to teach us something of ourselves, how we relate to our world, and how we accomplish things.  It is a plant that helps us see what we need to heal, in order to take action and move forward.  It is a plant that earns the name panacea (a remedy for all ills or difficulties: cure-all) as a spiritual and medicinal healer.  The botanical name “Achillea millefolium” tells us of its use by Achilles, the great Greek warrior, for healing of his wounds, and that of his soldiers (“Millefolium” notes its finely, feathery leaves).  In ancient China, yarrow was considered a sacred plant, said to bring about the meeting of Heaven and Earth, and its stalks were used for divination in the I Ching.  Native Americans used the root for pain, swelling, itching and insect bites.  The plant was used to heal burns, bruises, earaches, reduce fevers, and expel worms.  As with other blue oils, the oil becomes blue in the distillation process, as anti-inflammatory matracin turns to chamulzine.  Yarrow not only help with healing physically but also mentally. Metaphorically this oil helps us deal with our inner child wounding.

Physical Properties/Uses:

Used for acne, burns, wounds, severe rashes, scars, varicose veins, wounds, balances oily skin and scalp, head and sinus congestion, rheumatoid arthritis (pain reliever), flu, constipation, colic, hemorrhoids, indigestion, improves sluggish digestion, bladder and kidney infections, neuralgia, insomnia, stress relief, spiritual work.  Used to calm, open sinus and breathing passages, improve mental clarity, and lessen inflammation.

Additional properties and indications include: lymphatic stimulant; vascular tonic; stimulates blood renewal; depression; anger associated with emotional wounding or feelings of vulnerability; easily annoyed; bitterness; grief or loss; feelings of rejection; and stress-related conditions.

Spiritual Properties/Uses: 

The spiritual properties are centering, harmonizing and intuition enhancing; including courage, love, and protection.  Spiritually, Yarrow Essential Oil has long been an energetic messenger of the heavens.  It delicately balances the flow between the yin and yang energies received from the moon, stars, and sun.  Once the balance and harmonization of yin and yang energy within a person has been completed, the fragrance acts as a conduit for the opening of intuitive perception and the acceptance of the hidden faculties of the mind.  Although it at all times remains firmly attached to the earth plane, it intercepts and assists in the delivery of messages and prophecies from other planes of existence.

Yarrow essential oil is for dreaming, for visionary experiences, for traveling on the energy of the universe, while being nurtured and protected.  Yarrow Essential Oil is for when we are in search of spiritual understanding, stimulation, and clarity.  Some report that Yarrow Essential Oil can bring answers into the mind following prayer.

Recipes for Uses of Yarrow Essential Oil:

A number of Yarrow essential oil uses are suggested here to guide you in any practical remedy applications.  Also, may be used in aroma lamp, bath, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, steam inhalation, steam and sauna room.

▪       A gentle Ayurvedic massage with 2 to 3 drops of Yarrow essential oil blended with carrier oils like Jojoba oil, almond oil or sesame oil can grant immense relief from all sorts of digestive disorders.

▪       Add 5 drops of essential oil to about 5 ml of base oil. Massage it onto the area affected by varicose veins. It reduces the appearance of the engorged veins and strengthens the skin.

▪       Pour a few drops of yarrow essential oil in a herbal compress or poultice, preferably made with anti-inflammatory herbs like comfrey and horsetail. This compress soothes both internal and external hemorrhoids.

▪       Add 5 – 8 drops of yarrow essential oil in 2 tablespoons of a base oil, like castor oil. Warm up the oil combination and massage it onto the painful joint 2 times a day. It slowly starts to reduce the inflammation and within a few weeks, there is significant reduction in arthritic pain.

▪       One can quickly blend an oil based chest rub by adding 5 drops each of the essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, yarrow and peppermint to a base oil of olive, about 1 oz. Massage it on the chest, throat and the back. Its aroma relieves nasal congestion.

▪       Yarrow essential oil provides significant relief in an upset stomach. It relieves indigestion, burping, bloating and flatulence. For this health benefit, yarrow essential oil is massaged over the abdomen. Add 8-10 drops of yarrow essential oil in about 10 ml of base oil like olive oil. Warm up the oil gently. Massage it all over the abdomen.

▪       Yarrow essential oil is especially good for treating oily hair and scalp condition. Add about 4 – 5 drops of yarrow essential oil to a regular herbal shampoo and apply it on the scalp. Alternatively, add about 15 drops yarrow essential oil in about 2 glasses of water. Use this water to rinse the scalp. Wash it with water to take away the essential oil.

▪       Yarrow essential oil helps with the problems that may occur due to menstruation. Add 15 – 20 drops of yarrow essential oil in a sitz bath. Lay in this warm bath for about 15 minutes. This promotes regular menstruation and also helps to get rid of urinary tract infections.

▪       Yarrow essential oil is used frequently in aromatherapy treatments. Its aroma exerts many effects which can be used in the following conditions. For these health benefits, put 4 – 5 drops of yarrow essential oil in a vaporizer. Let its aroma diffuse all over a room. Stay in the room for about 10 minutes.

▪       Take about 3 – 4 drops of yarrow essential oil on a cotton ball. Place this cotton ball right underneath the tooth that is paining. It provides a numbing action on the tooth and thus alleviates the pain. Be careful to not swallow or ingest the oil.

Precautions for Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow essential oil may show neurotoxic effects, and can result in headaches and skin irritation if you continue to use it for a long time in high dosages.  Not for use during pregnancy or if epileptic.  Do not take yarrow essential oil internally.

Blending for Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow essential oil blends well with Valerian essential oil as a combination to reduce stress.  It goes well with essential oils of Vetiver, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, German Chamomile, Calendula, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, and Cedar.

Therapeutic Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil

·                     Anti-inflammatory ·                     Emmenagogue
·                     Anti-Rheumatic ·                     Emollient
·                     Anti-septic ·                     Expectorant
·                     Anti-Spasmodic ·                     Febrifuge
·                     Astringent ·                     Haemostatic
·                     Carminative ·                     Hypotensive
·                     Cicatrisant ·                     Stomachic
·                     Decongestant ·                     Tonic
·                     Diaphoretic ·                     Tranquilizer
·                     Digestive ·                     Vulnerary