Balancing™ is a Blend of 100% Pure Therapeutic
Essential Oils of
Cedarwood, Lavender, and Orange in a Jojoba Oil Base


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This oil blend was created to help you find your center in moments of feeling the imbalances of life. It also helps to balance emotions, fears, and anxieties; creating harmony in any environment. It is also attuned to the GREAT BALANCER© sacred geometry symbol, so we may align with even more energetic balance in our lives. The Balancing blend contains:

Cedarwood 100% pure essential oil enhances this blend because it helps to stabilize energy imbalances, is calming, and helps to ease anxiety nervous tension, and stress-related conditions.

Lavender 100% pure essential oil is recommended by physicians and psychologists to assist in helping with emotional difficulties that include depression, fear, insomnia, mood swings, melancholy, and stress. It balances the extremes of emotion and contributes to emotional equilibrium.

Orange 100% pure essential oil balances emotions – either relaxing or stimulating as needed. It is revitalizing when lethargy sets in, calms nerves, brightens gloomy feelings, combats anxiety and insomnia, awakens creativity, inspires harmony, and promotes self-awareness.

GREAT BALANCER©  Sacred Geometry Symbol by Gerri Korri:

symbolGREAT BALANCER© was created by the late Gerri Korri; a dear soul sister to me. This work of art is a healing tool for healing of self and humanity. It is another Sacred Geometric shape that has come to our planet to help us to connect with the 6th Dimension. Our world at this time is perceived in a 3 dimensional way, but we are fast moving into a Multidimensional existence.

Healing symbols help us to move to a new existence of being, both individually and as a collective, to create and achieve peace. We are shifting at a fast pace and GREAT BALANCER© is on the planet now to help us find our balance during all this change and to keep us get as close to center and centered as possible so we can move forward with ease.

As our bodies shift at a fast pace we will find that to keep our bodies balanced we will look to other forms of healing to achieve that balance and health. We will find that light, color, sound, vibration, aroma and geometric shapes will help us to shift our energy in and around us to help us to let go of ailments, old patterns and beliefs and to move into a place of PEACE and JOY. So Be It!

Suggested Use: This blend may used daily using any of the following methods. Place a drop under nose or onto specific points (i.e., acupressure points, trigger points, etc.) for additional therapeutic effects. Use in an aroma diffuser (just a few drops in water) for therapeutic inhalation effects. Add a few drops to a bath, vaporizer, compresses, etc. or add additional base oil for massage. Essential oils are also great for enhancing any mindful practice including: meditation, yoga, and Qigong. Therapeutic effects of essential oils are vast and vary for each oil (i.e., emotional balancing, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, etc.). Do not use if pregnant. If skin irritation occurs, add more base oil (i.e., jojoba oil) or discontinue use. Avoid eye contact, swallowing, and contact to open wounds.