About Our Essential Oils

AboutMtSageWellnessBlendsThank you for exploring my essential oil blends and skin cream! Mountain Sage Wellness essential oil blends are hand-crafted and energetically attuned; created through a combination of inspiration and research. Mountain Sage Wellness essential oils are therapeutic grade from certified organic, pesticide-free or guaranteed wild indigenous essential oil sources grown with integrity and care from the finest distilleries around the world.

I am thrilled to communicate that many people have experienced powerful therapeutic value in my blends. Below, is a quote about my blends from a physician in Pennsylvania named Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle:

“ I have been using Mountain Sage Wellness essential oil blends with my patients since 2009  and I have experienced an incredible insight into the physiological effects of essential oils on the autonomic nervous system, particularly. I have to say, I have never utilized any blends of oils that have had the impact that Mountain Sage Wellness combination formulas have on actually changing physical reactions to heart rate rhythm, breathing, oxygenation, and other physiologically measurable factors. I heartily recommend the clinical use of Mountain Sage Wellness essential oils to all my colleagues and to many of my patients.”

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Some of my blends have been described as elixirs because they contain crushed crystals, herbs, and have undergone a variety of energetic attunements. In most of my blends, I use small amount of base oil (> 80% dilution (> 80% pure essential oils to about 20% base oil; depending on the blend)). My dilutions are strong. If you experience any skin irritation, I recommend that you add additional base oil to the blend before reapplying to the skin. I have found that people appreciate the strength for the recommended therapeutic value. Additionally, with the essential oils being in a base oil, it allows you to take your aromatherapy “to go” and not have to go dilute before use. That way, you can feel empowered to place the oil blend directly on the skin in key areas of the body – under the nose for immediate inhalation effects, trigger points, acupuncture points, etc. In other words, the oil blend is ready to help you heal, feel more centered and balanced, etc. at home, in the office, on road trips, or anywhere you happen to be. My primary intentions in the creation of my essential oil blends include:

  • Providing therapeutic relief of general conditions that include but are not limited to the following conditions: stress, insomnia, headache, fatigue, anxiety, depression, muscular and joint pain, balance emotionally, etc.;
  • Accessing the energy centers of the body in order to help people tap into themselves in a deeper way;
  • Enhancing meditation, yoga, Qigong, and all mindful practices;
  • Applying the oils, directly, to any points (i.e., acupressure points, chakra points, key healing points of the spine and head, etc.) of the body for healing and well-being; and
  • To balance and awaken the body, mind, and spirit on multiple levels.
  • Do not use if pregnant! The only essential oil blend safe to use while pregnant is the Relaxing blend!

Cheers and Enjoy the Journey!

Suggested Use: This blend may used daily using any of the following methods. Place a drop under nose or onto specific points (i.e., acupressure points, trigger points, etc.) for additional therapeutic effects. Use in an aroma diffuser (just a few drops in water) for therapeutic inhalation effects. Add a few drops to a bath, vaporizer, compresses, etc. or add additional base oil for massage.

Essential oils are also great for enhancing any mindful practice including: meditation, yoga, and Qigong. Therapeutic effects of essential oils are vast and vary for each oil (i.e., emotional balancing, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, etc.). Do not use if pregnant. If skin irritation occurs, add more base oil (i.e., jojoba oil) or discontinue use. Avoid eye contact, swallowing, and contact to open wounds.

The Safe Use of Essential Oils

  • Do not use essential oils internally without professional training.
  • Do not apply directly to skin; dilute essential oils with carrier oil. Note: Natural Perfumes are intended for appropriate, direct application.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Please flush with oil or milk if contact occurs.
  • Do not use essential oils on infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, or those with serious health problems, without advanced medical study.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure without ventilation.
  • Store essential oils and carrier oils away from heart and sunlight to avoid degradation and rancidity.