Power of Intention & Immune System Boosting Supplements and Essential Oils

Last night, I found myself not sleeping through the night because I felt compelled to send healing energy to the planet to help cope with the coronavirus (COVID-19). I was able to sleep once I implemented a combination of Huna Kane and Reiki distance healing techniques. I believe it is important that all of us realize that we have the power of intention to shift this and that it is important to not be in alignment with the fear. Fear is a lower vibration and if we choose to align with a higher frequency, the power of our intentions will manifest.   

Let’s create healing for all beings on this planet by taking the time to meditate, even a few minutes daily; envisioning healing and ways to diffuse fear — in whatever form comes to you in your meditations. WE ALL HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE HEALING ON THIS PLANET! Those of you who are my Reiki and Huna Kane students and those of you who employ other healing energy techniques, you have specific methods that you can use to amp our intention for this healing! There is also still space in the Reiki Level II class on March 29th, if you wish to connect to the distance healing techniques in your practice! It’s time that we all band together to create healing on the planet in large numbers! 

Corona means crown. Our crown chakra is our connection to all consciousness. Perhaps, we’re having an awakening to awareness of the Unity Consciousness on the planet right now. It is important to remember that we can have a positive influence make a difference with our power of intention. It is also important to realize that creativity spawns forth from chaos. Therefore, it is key to stay centered and healthy in the midst of this chaotic time on the planet. Lynn McTaggart has done many intention experiments, if any of you are skeptical about this. We are here at this time for a reason and now is the time to implement the power of intention to shift the fears and promote healing.    

I do agree it is good to be aware and take precautions to maintain our own individual health. As we stay healthy and centered in the midst of this chaos, we can help others to do so as well. If you feel like you might be coming down with something, there are many supplements that can boost your immune system. I am cautious to mention this due to the hysteria of items like toilet paper being depleted from store shelves, but it is important to have our own arsenal of herbal remedies on hand (echinacea, zinc, nano-silver, Mediterranean oregano, D3, vitamin C and any immune system boosting formulas). I also recommend several of my essential oils and, especially, essential oil of Fragonia that is currently on sale to help help support your immune function.  It is antimicrobial and may be ingested in small amounts. I was able to get rid of a near strep throat a few years ago by gargling with it. I even will put a drop in a neti pot when I have cold/sinus issues. It’s also great for jet lag and emotional issues because it targets the lungs/respiratory system where we hold that energy in our bodies.   

Because of their antimicrobial properties, I also recommend the below list of essential oils and blends to place, topically, in areas of the lymphatic system — behind the ears, under the arms, etc. These include: Fragonia, Namaste, Snore No More, Trust, Palo Santo, Lemurian Sage, Yarrow, Frankincense, Breath of Expansion, Centered Sunshine and many more of my essential oils. Please scroll down in my store to read about these properties and see what is on sale.    

Wishing you vibrant health,