Signs Along Your Path (Part 2): September 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to Signs Along Your Path Part 2!

How does one know they are aligned with their life purpose?  Is there a path_photo2_by_debspecific life purpose?  If so, how do we recognize the signs that suggest we are on that path?  Back in the mid-90s, I was on a mission to figure out my life purpose.  I had a strong feeling that my profession was to ultimately shift from being an Environmental Scientist to something with a deeper spiritual connection.  As I moved forward, I could see how spiritual elements of my life were expanding, but still there was no strong sign of that exact life purpose or a profession in that realm.  Finally, I realized that there was purpose in where I was in the moment – that acceptance of my occupation and life with the people that surrounded me was my purpose at that time.  As a result of accepting the process, I began to observe more signs confirming that I was aligning with my heart instead of my mind.

The process of aligning with what makes your heart sing is a balance of what feels good in your movement forward and, at the same time, being willing to explore what makes you feel uncomfortable or even fearful.  Once you walk through fear, you are on the road to enlightenment!  It is about letting the sweetness of what feels good fuel the movement through the fear – without judgment (including transcending what we should or should not do) and without looking toward end results; but rather, sitting back and observing who you really are in a purified sense without your ego taking control.

Is there a specific life purpose? That could be a topic for another newsletter, but in general, even for those whose life paths seem relatively defined, I believe it is a process. There are also free will choices along the way that subtly (or not so subtly) alter the direction of flow.  As mentioned above, I did have a strong sense of my profession shifting and, I must say it definitely did unfold into that realm!  However, it truly has been a process of accepting, flowing, and allowing the “signs” to fuel my enthusiasm and faith along the way.

What are those “signs?”  Below, I have constructed a list, but realize, it can be much more complex and we can get tested along the way as well.  The “Universe” has a sense of humor and a way of prompting you to dig deep, as if asking, “Are you sure?”

Tap into what is truly in your heart for your life path.

Press on, undaunted; to align with what is in your heart — even when things look like “negative” signs.

Take serendipities, coincidences, synchronicities and repetition of events as reinforcement or “signs” that you are aligning with your heart path.

Take negative occurrences as mini tests to check in to see if you are really committed to following your heart — when you are, sometimes those tests step up a notch! However, if you encounter way too many obstacles, you may want to explore realigning in some way to adjust slightly and be attentive to your intuition in that process.

Realize your perceptions are powerful and they COMPLETELY drive the bus of your reality — if you perceive all sorts of things in life in a negative perception, then it will be so.

The process of following your heart can get tough.  Therefore, it is important to honor how you feel, create acceptance around the moment, and keep on pressing on – in a flowing, letting go way.  Realize that challenges deepen your life experience.

The way to help you do the above is by discovering ways you can draw in more joy, enthusiasm, and humor into your life to create greater acceptance of what is.  Make a commitment to yourself to smile more, laugh more, and do what makes your heart sing!

Realize that your sense of time and Divine Order are not necessarily congruent. We, Westerners, want it now. It is your life path and things may take your whole life! My “feeling” of a different profession with greater spiritual connection, initially, took over 10 years to really make itself known and it is still evolving!

The bottom line is that it takes acceptance and appreciation of the energy that is here now. There are no undesirable experiences if we open our soul to them.  In every experience there is a gem of incredible wisdom, if it is harvested. There is value in every moment on your way to discover the life path that is for your best and highest good.  Acknowledge the signs with gratitude and you will be guided – furthering your trust in the process.

To reiterate last month’s newsletter, don’t forget to pay attention for the other signs – the feathers, the pennies, etc.  Again, as you make decisions, ask yourself if you feel lighter or heavier? Does the decision give you more peace within or less peace?  It is all about you and your feelings are important along the way.

Blessings as you discover your heart path!