Signs Along Your Path (Part 1): August 2011 Newsletter


I hope all of you are enjoying the last weeks of summer!  Energetically on the planet, we have been on a lovelandpassbydenisemajor roller coaster ride.  Do you feel like you are coming and going at the same time?  Are you drained one day and charged up the next?  With all this whacky energy, what might be the signs that you are on the path for our best and highest good?  This is Part 1 of a two-part newsletter entitled, “Signs Along Your Path.”  Read more — I hope you enjoy the journey!

Recently, I had a conversation that was very unsettling.  It consisted primarily of elements that fit the term “crazy making”.   There are many definitions of this term, but the one that applies to this situation is where an individual twists and turns things around, creates elements of blame, makes excuses, etc. to justify a new positioning.  It caused me to really dig deep and ask Spirit (God, True Source, Your Higher Self, etc. – whatever your belief system holds) for guidance and/or signs to let me know that the outcome of the situation was definitely for the best.

Soon after the conversation, I decided to go for a run to shake off the energy and tune into Spirit guidance in a deeper way.  As soon as I walked out my door, I found a feather and took it as a good sign.  I picked up the feather and placed it inside my home and proceeded on.  Most cultures, commonly, associate feathers as symbols of:

  • Higher thought,
  • Spiritual progression,
  • A higher outlook on a situation,
  • An indication that you are following your Higher Self path, etc. because birds are considered divine creatures closer to the heavens.

As I further processed the new situation during my run, I asked Spirit to please give me a sign and, specifically, stated I really needed an immediate sign.  About two seconds later, there was another beautiful feather lying on the path in front of me.  Until this moment, I had already forgotten about the first feather!  A few running strides later, I found another feather and another, then 2 beautiful blue ones, and a few more adding up to a total of 8 feathers – the number that represents infinite possibilities.  Now, you tell me, did I get my sign or what?

Next month, I will address many more “‘signs” that are indicators of the path that is for your best and highest good.  I will also address many different aspects of the signs and symbols. In the meantime, give attention to the signs and symbols that cross your path (i.e., finding a penny or anything of greater or smaller worth, etc.). Symbols such as these can mean a flow of abundance in your life. Go ahead, pick the object up and, by accepting it, let it create flow in your life!.  Remember, finding feathers can be pretty profound!

As you make decisions, ask yourself if you feel lighter or heavier? Does the decision give you more peace within or less peace? Your feeling about your life processes IS significant — pay attention, ask ,and you WILL be guided! Finally, as you encounter each “sign”, be sure to allow yourself to feel a moment of gratitude. For gratitude is the primary compass that guides us!

Many Blessings To You Along Your Path!