Pearl Renewal Skin Cream

After using one jar of the Mountain Sage Pearl Renewal Skin Cream, I have noticed two major changes in my skin. The deeply-creased crow’s feet that came from years of unprotected sun exposure have begun to shorten in length and are noticeably less deep after using the Pearl Renewal Cream. Also in the same area of my face I have been plagued with minute blackheads that needed a dermatologist for removal. After using the Mountain Sage product, the blackheads are disappearing even though my facial cleansing program remains the same. Also, my face has never had such a soft overall texture for as long as I can remember. And since learning of Mountain Sage Pearl Renewal Skin Cream’s sunblock qualities, I now use it for both nighttime and daytime use. I have suggested this product to all who have commented on my “new look.”
Carol Orlandini, Bozeman, MT